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HikVision DS-2TD2636B-15/P

HikVision Article code DS-2TD2636B-15/P

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This camera can measure people's temperature with high accuracy in real time. This enables him to detect and follow people with a high temperature.
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  • Thermal resolution 384x288
  • Optical resolution 2688x1520
  • Viewing angle 24.2 °
  • Temperature measurement accurate to 0.3 °

Description HikVision DS-2TD2636B-15/P

Accurate temperature measurements

This camera is able to detect temperature deviations of 0.5 degrees in passing persons. This can be supplemented with the Black Body to increase the accuracy to 0.3 degrees

The highly sensitive thermal lens allows groups of passers-by to be checked simultaneously.

Recognition after detection

Because this camera is equipped with both a thermal and a 4MP optical lens, the passers-by are also visually recognizable in the image. With a temperature alarm, this person is immediately visible on the screen so that immediate action can be taken.

Integration and alarms

This camera can be integrated in the usual VMS systems. It is not only possible to review images, but also to send alarm messages to security or emergency rooms.

This camera also has the ability to immediately play an audio alarm when a person with an elevated temperature has been detected.

Key Features:

  • 384 × 288 high resolution in thermal channel, high sensitivity sensor
  • Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C; temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C
  • Reliable temperature exception alarm function
  • 4MP resolution in optical channel
  • 3D DNR, image detail enhancement


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Model number DS-2TD2636B-15/P
Brand HikVision
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