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Bosch VOT-320V019L

Bosch Article code VOT-320V019L

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Bosch VOT-320V019L, VOT thermal, VOT 320 Thermal IP Camera, QVGA, 19mm, 8.33Hz. Quad stream, CPP3, IVA, SDHC, IP66, 24VAC

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Description Bosch VOT-320V019L

Thermal camera

Recording element: Focal Plane Array

IP stream: H.264, M-JPEG, JPEG

Resolution: 320 x 240 (max. 8.32 pps) 9Hz

Objective (not interchangeable): 60 mm

Ethernet: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX

SD memory card (SDHC): with SD memory card slot

Video output: BNC

Other: IVA, comport RS232 / RS485 / RS422, housing with tamper switch, 2 x alarm input, 2 x relay output

Housing / IP value: UHO / IP66

Housing color: light gray

Housing dimensions (W x H x D): 172 x 172 x 480 mm

Power / consumption: 24Vac / 33W (heating on: 74W)

Thermal IP camera

The fixed thermal IP camera from Bosch is an excellent solution for 24-hour surveillance: regardless of changing light conditions, this camera constantly delivers high-level performance. It continues to work even in full darkness, in dense smoke and in bad weather conditions such as dense fog and snow.

Improving security and safety

The thermal function on Bosch cameras, the advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), is optimized to contribute to detecting and visualizing certain behavior with thermal thermal images. IVA significantly improves security and safety through digital image processing functions for, among other things, crossing lines, entering guarded zones, registering trajectories and suspiciously detaining people. This system provides clear object visualization, supports security personnel with versatile and efficient event detection and an alarm system.

Revealing performance

Our fixed IP cameras are intended for outdoor use and reveal more details of a scene than conventional cameras. The cameras give the operators important information about detection and behavior, they warn early about possible irregularities and help the operators to determine what is going on in a scene.

The thermal sensitivity of infrared cameras is measured in milliKelvins (mK). The lower the sensitivity, the more accurate the camera works and the more detailed the images are. Our fixed thermal IP cameras detect differences of 50 mK or less.

More convenience, extra reliable

A microSD card slot enables decentralized recording in the camera and ensures better overall system reliability in the event of network failures. When used in combination with an SD card, the camera forms a completely autonomous monitoring system without the need for additional equipment. Instead, iSCSI support within a network system can also ensure that the cameras act as conventional hard disk recorders while sending high-quality live video streams over the network.

Ideal for on-demand applications

With a time-to-image of less than two seconds, the IP cameras are ideal for on-demand applications including home security, port and traffic surveillance, border controls, perimeter surveillance, factories and industrial installations.

A true 24-hour solution that detects infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye.

Works in full darkness, in dense smoke and in bad weather conditions such as dense fog and snow

Early detection and alarm with Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)


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Model number VOT-320V019L
Brand Bosch
IP Cameras