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AXIS 262+

AXIS Article code AXNV262

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Axis 262+ Network Video Recorder video capturing device

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Description AXIS 262+

- Records video from up to 8 network cameras
- Simultaneous recording, live viewing and playback of recorded images
- Records up to 120 frames per second at VGA or 4CIF
- 250 GB hard disk with anti-vibration
- Easy to install, use and manage

The perfect solution to your video surveillance challenges

The AXIS 262+ Network Video Recorder, together with Axis network cameras, offers a comprehensive surveillance solution for detecting shoplifters, reducing false alarms, increasing personnel safety or viewing your premises remotely. It is ideal for monitoring small shops, gas stations, hotels and small offices.

Complete network recording solution

Easy to install and use, the AXIS 262+ is a complete recording solution that connects directly to your network and is manageable remotely via a local area network or the Internet. It enables simultaneous recording and remote access to live views and playback of recorded images from up to 8 Axis network cameras. Scheduled and triggered recordings can be performed at a recording speed of up to 240 frames per second in QVGA (320x240 pixels) and CIF (352x240 in NTSC, 352x288 in PAL).

Hard disk storage

The 250 GB hard disk allows you to store, for instance, 13 days of VGA resolution at one frame per second from 8 video channels with no degradation in image quality compared to the original image from the camera. The recorded data can be extracted from the AXIS 262+ to a file on a local PC.

System overview

An Axis network video recording solution, including Axis network cameras and the AXIS 262+ Network Video Recorder, provides you with a complete, one-stop-shopping solution for your surveillance and monitoring operations.

Use a standard IP network to install your complete surveillance system. The network cameras are connected directly to the IP network, eliminating numerous coaxial cable runs. The AXIS 262+ Network Video Recorder provides local recording and video event handling for the shop. It records video streams at pre-defined rates according to a specific schedule or upon detection of motion. The PC-based point-of-sales system provides real-time surveillance.

- One network camera monitors the back entrance. The I/O port is connected to a passive infrared motion detector for enhanced activity detection
- One network camera monitors the shop area
- One network camera monitors the cashier’s desk
- One wireless camera is available for mobile surveillance
- One ceiling-mounted network camera monitors the main entrance

Live video and recorded archives can be viewed from any authorized PC connected to the local network or the Internet. The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) device ensures that the system can continue to operate even when there is a power failure.
User interface

The Main View page of the AXIS 262+ provides links to the Setup tools that allow you to customize and configure the video recorder to your requirements.


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Model number AXNV262
GTIN code 7331021019102
Brand AXIS
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