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AXIS ACAP Perimeter defender e-license

AXIS Article code 0333-608

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Axis ACAP Perimeter defender e-license
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  • Detection of moving people and vehicles

Description AXIS ACAP Perimeter defender e-license

High-security, scalable perimeter protection

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a highly accurate and scalable video analytics application for intrusion detection, ideal for high-security locations such as power and chemical plants. The application runs in a camera and supports multiple detection scenarios, including zone crossing and loitering, simultaneously. With newer Axis cameras, it can also support burnt-in bounding box metadata overlays in live and recorded video for visual confirmation of detected objects. The system design tool and automatic calibration simplify setup. With a separate license, a fixed camera with AXIS Perimeter Defender can automatically control a PTZ camera to zoom in on and follow alarm objects.

Key Features:

  • High detection accuracy and reliability
  • Multiple detection scenarios
  • PTZ autotracking with separate license
  • Easy and efficient management


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Model number 0333-608
Brand AXIS
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