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HikVision Blackbody

HikVision Article code DS-2TE127-G4A

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A blackbody is a standard temperature source, the thermographic cameras can calibrate based on the temperature of a blackbody calibrator.
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  • Only works in combination with a thermal camera
  • For accurate temperature measurements
  • Only need power

Description HikVision Blackbody

Even more accurate measurements

As a standard radiation source, black body has been widely used for calibrating infrared light system, measuring material emissivity, measuring parameters of infrared sensor, and transmitting temperature between infrared emitter and thermal device. DS-2TE127-G4A is mainly used for the calibration of thermographic device. It helps to measure the temperature inhigh accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Supports calibration of thermal device in high accuracy
  • Supports different temperature settings
  • High accuracy and good stability
  • Easy temperature calibration and correction
  • Strong ability of anti-interference


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Model number DS-2TE127-G4A
Brand HikVision
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