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AXIS Live privacy shield

AXIS Article code 01931-001

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Axis privacy shield, a cost-saving, powerful, edge-based solution to protect privacy.
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  • Reliable, real-time dynamic masking at high frame rates
  • Cost-effective, high-performance edge-based solution
  • Easy to install, configure and manage

Description AXIS Live privacy shield

When you want video surveillance but still need to protect people’s privacy, AXIS Live Privacy Shield makes it easy. It lets you monitor activities without collecting personal data. And it’s reliable and cost-effective. The analytics software runs directly on Axis cameras – no expensive servers are needed – and it’s the only edge-based solution that dependably masks moving people and objects in real time at up to full frame rate.

Surveillance with privacy protection

AXIS Live Privacy Shield effectively addresses rules and regulations protecting privacy and personal data. While it masks the identities of individuals in live and recorded video, it still allows you to see their movement. It compares a live camera view with a set background scene and applies a detailed and dynamic transparent mask to areas of change. In other words, moving people and objects appear as transparencies over a background. You can decide how often the background should automatically update, the level of detail for the contours of the transparent masks and the frame rate.


By default, AXIS Live Privacy Shield applies dynamic masking to the camera’s entire field of view. But you can easily define areas with no masking if that’s what you need – for example, if you want to view moving objects on a conveyer belt, as in the setup image at right with a defined "exclude" area.

Here you can see the difference between images with and without masking:

Ill masked unmasked 190506


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Model number 01931-001
Brand AXIS
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