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AXIS ACAP Motion Guard E-licentie

AXIS Artikelnr 0333-600

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Axis ACAP Motion Guard E-licentie
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Beschrijving AXIS ACAP Motion Guard E-licentie

Het betreft hier de E-licentie van ACAP AXIS MOTION GUARD: 0333-600

deze is dus niet te verwarren met de ACAP AXIS MOTION GUARD: 0333-061

  • Robust indoor and outdoor motion detection
  • Multiple profiles
  • Intuitive configuration
  • Easy installation

Robust, proactive detection

AXIS Motion Guard is a motion detection application designed for general indoor and outdoor installations. The application can trigger an alarm whenever an object moves across the cameras field of view. AXIS Motion Guard is ideal for after-hours monitoring of office buildings, retail stores, vehicle depots and other unattended areas where reliable motion detection is needed.

Easy installation and setup

AXIS Loitering Guard is easy to set up and configure. The intuitive user interface with real-time visual confirmation provides an easy way to validate that the application detects objects correctly. AXIS Loitering Guard is supported by Axis False Alarm Filtering that suppresses most common sources of false alarms, such as headlights, swaying trees and smaller animals. This helps focus the operators attention on actual threats.

AXIS Loitering Guard can also be configured to adjust for perspective, to support long-range detection scenarios, with a simple calibration procedure.

Multiple profiles for extra flexibility

Profiles make it possible to create multiple configurations, for example one configuration for daytime and one for nighttime, or configurations with different include areas. Each profile triggers its own alarms and has its own settings

System overview

AXIS Motion Guard integrates with the camera event management system. The application enables event streaming to video management software and camera actions such as I/O control, notification and edge storage.

Typical application area

AXIS Motion Guard is especially suitable for low-traffic areas such as after-hours monitoring of office buildings, retail stores, industrial properties, vehicle depots and other unattended areas. The detection area is defined by a polygon in the cameras interface; one area of interest and ten exclude areas per profile.

The application detects moving objects such as persons and vehicles within the predefined area, making it possible to automatically trigger an action.


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Model number 0333-600
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